Planet Rehab


Based in California, Planet Rehab is a grassroots not-for-profit organization seeking not only to raise awareness as to the truly desperate plight of this planet that we call home but make a difference in protecting and restoring the natural resources that are all too swiftly being depleted. They function completely on donations! Planet Rehab’s mission is to raise awareness of current environmental challenges by educating people of all ages as to what can be done to protect existing eco-systems. One of the ways Planet Rehab seeks to bring about change is through our animal sanctuary.

Benjy and Buddy
Benjy and Buddy

This organisation is truly unique, Gary has created a loving environment for all the animals from Benjy the Alpaca, to Gigantaur the Tortoise, the majestic White Peacocks and the humans that come to volunteer. Planet Rehab educates school children by organizing tours and lectures in schools. They make music, have Crafts night on Tuesdays and volunteering everyday! They even do beach cleanups and food festivals.

Have you ever held a baby Peacock in your hand ? You can here along with SO MUCH more. Planet Rehab is unique and I sincerely hope everyone reading this helps out either by visiting them or donating. Spread the word folks!

Tortellini and Allen
Tortellini and Allen

Here is the list of of upcoming events:

Wednesday Club Presentation January 13
Bonita High Environmental Club Presentation February 10
Charles Lee Elementary School Petting Zoo February 19
Planet Rehab Lunar New Year Festival*
Download Flyer Here
February 20
San Dimas Family Festival March 19
Kingsley Elementary School Presentation March 25
Longden School Petting Zoo & Presentation April 22
Planet Rehab in Neverland Earthday Festival* April 23
Hillcrest Service Fair May 20
Port of LA High Petting Zoo/Green Fair May 20
Hands Across the Sand Beach Clean Up* May 21
Planet Rehab Butterfly & Parakeet Encounter* June 25
Planet Rehab International Food Festival* Auguest 6
Planet Rehab End of Sumer Beach Clean Up* September 10
Planet Rehab Hoedown* October 8
Planet Rehab Christmas Benefit* December 10
* = Sponsorship Opportunities
For Sponsorship please contact Gary Mitchell.

2745 W. Dalepark Dr, San Dimas, CA 91773 — Get Directions

Contact Gary Mitchell — Read full bio
Phone (323) 350-0873

Visit there their blog!   Click here to donate!  Their Youtube channel!

An adult Monarch Butterfly at the butterfly enclosure.
An adult Monarch Butterfly at the butterfly enclosure.
Baby button Quail
Baby button Quail