Folks to check out!

Here are some organisations worth your time and support :

Whale Shark Mexico is a grassroots organisation based in La Paz, BCS, Mexico. They work with Whale Sharks and other marine species in the vicinity by tracking/ reporting their numbers, educating people about them. They also have wonderful field trips/ internships and volunteering opportunities! (website)

Sea Shepherd  is an international activist organisation that helps create awareness and protect our oceans and all the creatures in them. You can simply by their merchandise or intern with them one of their ships (or on land) ! They have branches in Australia (website), Italy (website), Netherlands (website), UK (website), USA (website) and many others around the world!

Wild is Life is an animal sanctuary in Zimbabwe. Wild is Life is a haven of comfort and seclusion, calm and dignity, offering an authentic experience of close up and personal connections with our animals, many of whom are rescued, orphaned or specially protected. They also offer these experiences with integrity and with a responsibility towards the welfare of both the guests and our wild residents. (website)

The Lion Guardians  was started in 2007, they work in non-protected Lion habitat across Kenya and Tanzania to help humans co-exist with the Lion population by educating and training people to protect Lions. They combine local knowledge with technology and scientific methods to help humans communicate better with wildlife and to reduce causalities. (website)

Wildlife SOS  is an organisation that has wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centers all across India. If you have a snake near your house or see an injured bear or abused elephant they are the people to call! You may know them from the ‘crying elephant Raju’ story. Although they started in India, Wildlife SOS has chapters in the UK and the USA. You can volunteer at one of their centers or with their animal helpline or simply donate to support their work. (website)

Frendicoes is an animal shelter based in Delhi/ NCR, India. Frendicoes is actually one of the oldest running animal shelters in Delhi! They also run a vet clinic and frequently hold free spay and neuter drives. (website)

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  is an animal rescue society based all around in North America with it’s headquarters in New York. They have spay and neuter drives, adoption drives and also hold marathons every year! (website)

The Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery  works to save elephants in every way from creating awareness, raising funds, research and ofcourse working hands on with elephant calves. Their objectives page explains it best, do check it out. (website)