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Farewell 2016… Welcome 2017


Most of us are content with our own company but every once in a while that void of other people, their opinions and view points, opens up and we realize that we do indeed need friends. Practical people, believers, dreamers, contemplative and people who defend their beliefs and values. People who call us and ramble at odd hours of the night and want our advice. People who we can be ourselves with.

You will find people just as weird and deep as your imagination. They exist. All kinds of people exist in this big world full of different people. Getting out and finding them is hard but keeping them in your life in the same capacity is the toughest job of all, because people (YES, all people) are complicated. We have fears, insecurities and defense mechanisms to defend our walls that tend to push people away.

At the end of the day, if you can find people that help you grow, protect you and are there for you, then you should fight to keep them in your life. Letting people in isn’t easy but sometimes it is best thing we can do for ourselves and the ones we care for.

I think we all agree when we say 2016 has been an interesting and somewhat weird year. May 2017 help all of us see the better in other people and together we can help make others’ lives (maybe the world who knows) better.


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