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Happy 4 year anniversary!


I started blogging 4 years ago today! A LOT has changed since then and as my recent trip has taught me although the road is bumpy if you keep pursing the things that you love one day you will get there.

I hope to continue on this new journey of traveling, baking and adventures. This trip was educational for my mind and my soul but it was also a tester for my body. It strengthened my resolve/ goal of becoming a marine biologist, a goal I had almost given up on during the trials of the past 4 years which is partly why I leaned on my baking for support. I thank you.

Everyone deserves the same amount of love, kindness and dignity. Go out and do something good for a cause you believe in and then do one thing that you love. (I don’t mean watch tv or just drink) Believe in your strength but don’t be afraid to lean on the people close to you once in a while. DON’T JUST DREAM, PURSUE THEM!

Everything changes and nothing stands still” – Heraclitus.





3 thoughts on “Happy 4 year anniversary!

  1. Sweetheart what a wonderful post. Your strength is amazing and so inspirational. Keep it up. Dreams dreamt through open eyes are the stiff realty is made of! Lots of love. Ajay uncle


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