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A good but confusing season to garden..

This season I will have A LOT of lemons will be hopefully lead to baking experiments. Aside from lemons I also have Broccoli, Tomatoes and Bell Peppers growing. My Basil forest is also doing pretty good (if anyone wants Basil I would be happy to provide). My herb garden includes Mint, basil and Tulsi (aka the Indian basil, it is standard for almost all Indian households). Eating homegrown produce is so rewarding and for those that use space as an excuse my Tomatoes, Broccoli and Bell Peppers are planted in pots kept on the roof!


This photo like all my photos has not been edited to look good (aside from the arrangement of the 3 pictures). Enjoy the Lemon plant in all it’s baby glory. Have a good day folks! 🙂


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