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The easiest buttercream frosting EVER !

Now, when I say easy I mean EASY like anyone can make and pipe it whether it’s good piping or bad but the point is that it is possible.

I have always been trying out different recipes like a million times but no success whatsoever, sometimes it was too liquidy And if you try to thicken it it just goes all wrong and the same thing happened when it was too thick :(.  I had almost lost all hope but then I found this recipe. Icing or frosting is basically butter/ margarine or  lard and sugar course your flavour and / or colour,right ?

Well that is what  this is as well just simpler at least it worked out pretty well for me.

All you gotta do is whip up the butter till it’s pale and creamy (we’ve all heard that before  😛 )

than add the sugar and whip some more until combined. Then add your favour and or colour and you’re ready to go.

Trust me it is as simple as making A cup of cocoa!


you need 100g of butter

and 150g of icing sugar

whip and pipe away !

🙂 I hope it works for all of you, though I know it will


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