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The accidentally wonderful cake!


This was for my best friend it is a three layer cake vanilla then  chocolate fudge and then vanilla again. Well honestly, it was supposed to be a triple chocolate cake but I changed my mind to doing a vanilla and chocolate fudge cake. Not to brag but the cake when cut sorta looks like a pro wedding cake pieces they show on tv. Amazing right! I know I was weirdly creep-ed out thinking is this a dream or what but I was also happy and crazy excited. You know the moment where you are SO excited and jumpy that you can’t even show it ? Well that happened twice last week. This and the stuff my aunt got on request 😀 stuff I really wanted ( all of ’em are baking related ).


The original recipe for the chocolate cake was grand all and I have been wanting to make it for quite some time like I have another gazillions of other recipes but I didn’t have enough time plus the idea of two simple flavours making something better appealed more to me. I switched to a different recipe for the vanilla sponge because I didn’t have some the ingredients and I was too lazy to go buy’em. The new recipe was good but required a little more material than my usual one but turned out good so I’m happy . The chocolate fudge though has an interesting story spoiler alert I’m going to ruin the awesome-ness  of the cake,it was supposed to be a full layer cake but it didn’t turn out that way.

I so wish that I could you guys this one but we have to move on.

The mistake I made was I left the chocolate out for too long and it hardened up into a rock.I was just able to incorporate it just in time so,obviously the cake did not rise. The un-even choco fudge layer was in the middle and when it was cut somehow it sorta looked even!   Even though vasu (the targeted audience) didn’t get to taste it all the other people who tasted it liked it.

You know the way a cake or any dessert looks hard from the outside but as you bite it just melts in your mouth that is how it was described and I thought so too *wink wink*.


With my laptop I lost my recipes as well… Sorry everyone


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