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Granola Bars

Haaahaaaa! I first wrote  bras. Haaaaaahaaaa! ANYWAY,I made something that I was craving for some time now and I couldn’t find in my near by supermarkets.So I made some my-self.

Some things just have a very vague instructions this is one of those things. Granola bars are healthy and can be twisted to ones tastes’ and preferences. From choosing the cereal,fruits,the combing agent, etc…  .



I used rolled oats,honey,cornflakes,apple juice,dry-fruits,fruit muesli, sesame seeds, flax seed and alfalfa seeds.

Simply mix the ingredients and put in a tray and pop it in the oven.

As for the seeds you toast ’em first.

It is as SIMPLE as that.




That’s my end product.


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