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Assortment of tarts – 2 (+ one pie)

The dawn of the fruits…

Before I start, the idea for this set of tarts for my sisters’ I just helped execute it. I guess you do get bored when you have a broken foot,well she found this as her activity for the day.

So,we used seasonal fruits except for the blueberry that came out of a tin :D. Well ever since I got Micheal Roux’s book on pastry, I always use his recipe for pastry.He is easy yet effective all his recipes are good too. Now whether I’ve tried them or not is a different topic because I haven’t, most of them.So, obviously you make the pastry  and blind bake ’em.Oh and she wanted to do a step-by-step thing from the tools to the holes in the pastry.So, this is how it shall be.



It’s been quite some time since I used baking beans.



After baking…




Though the bean print is nice, don’t you think ?

So, according to the instructions here are the tools used. A pastry brush,scissors,fruit knife,rolling pin and a fork (which I used to poke holes before I blind baked,yes I used baking beans as well)



Like I said three flavors. We just mixed in some sugar and cornflour.Sadly,we added a little too much.






The little one is Blueberry,the covered one is Grapes and as you can guess the one with the star is Strawberry.




She did the top herself and these are the cookie cutters she used.





To add some shine and shimmer she brushed on some milk topped with some sugar.

The Strawberry…



The Blueberry…





And the Grapes, which was a flavor we haven’t worked with like this before.






That it what the yummness looks like.Honestly I didn’t like it but everyone else liked it.But,hey you can’t please everyone.


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