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The pursuit of perfection!

This post is not in anyway related to baking but I wanted to write it anyway.

As the movie, ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ shows us that the pursuit of something great as happyness or perfection is a long,long road..

And most of us or possibly all of us may never reach the end of  that road. My pursuit currently is to get as close as I can to perfecting the products I have made which were good on the first go. And managing studies with this pursuit is a completely tough job in itself. Though baking is my method of escaping to a place where all my worries go away, baking with music takes it up a notch.

Somehow I find that while chasing perfection we make mistakes that we didn’t make on the first try, but then again making stupid mistakes is how we learn. Also, one gets pressurized in a way to reach their goal, saying and thinking ” I have HAVE  to perfect this now,soon,in time for that certain occasion”, at least that is what is happening to me. And when you lose hope or be ever so disappointed in yourself, the people  that restore your faith telling you that you have the potential, even if they do that is an annoying way.

This post is basically for those people who help in your pursuit.

Thank you for being there for us. (us being everybody and anybody on their path to success.)



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