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Oreo surprise

I got me some bragging rights,well it could use A LOT of work and some presentation.One fine day with lots different ingredients and nothing to do,I think to myself let’s “invent” something! Oreos came to mind and lemon and mascarporne and of course,chocolate. Okay so,what do we do with them? a cheesecake ? a torte? a cake ? a pie? well i don’t know what to call it technically but it’s an oreo base with a thin lemon layer and then meringue-ey mousse-ey thing. The surprise here is the curdled mascarporne with lemon zest and juice.YES,you read that right curdled mascarporne or mascarporne that’s split.

I crushed the Oreos and added in some melted butter.Put  it in the tin and baked it.

the oreo base

Over the Oero base goes the lemony mascarporne.All you have to do is add lemon zest and juice to the cheese and drain it.Spread the rest on the base like a paste.On top of that comes a layer that is mysterious because I don’t know what it is,all I know is that is can be much better.


In a couple of weeks this recipe will evolve and hopefully taste heavenly and something that i can actually explain.The recipe will be released then.


I would love to hear from you!

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